Have you called 0700 ACCELEREX yet? Call us Now!

Have you called 0700 ACCELEREX yet? Call us Now!
June 27, 2018 Web Master

0700 ACCELEREX is a unique number that is designated for customers reaching us at our contact centre.

It is different from other telephone numbers. So do not think that the number is not correct because it has more than eleven characters.

Simply put, 0700 ACCELEREX is 0700 222353739. Once you dial, the waiting time is minimal.

Our agents are readily available to speak to you in the language you are most comfortable with.

What answers will you get from here? Answers to support issues, how to troubleshoot Global Accelerex products and maximize value for our services.

You will also be able to make product, service and partnership enquiries such as how to buy, register and use our PoS terminals.

Solving your problems and providing practical answers to your inquiries is why we are here. Call 0700 ACCELEREX today!


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