Customer Service


Global Accelerex separates itself from other electronic payment service providers. We do this by imbibing and inculcating a customer-centric philosophy. The key element in our organisational culture is to put the customer first-the customer wears the crown here.

We have  a contact centre – a selling point that differentiates us from other service providers in the e-payment industry of Nigeria. The contact centre handles requests regarding service inquiries, complaints, PoS terminal support and a whole lot more.

There are  inbound and outbound calls – which cater for customer inquiries and complaints. The outbound calls at the call centre are used to develop relationship with our merchants. We follow up on previous inquiries, to see if our products are utilised optimally. The inbound calls flow in every millisecond.  We have dedicated customer service reps, whose business is to provide you with guidance on how to use and troubleshoot our products