1. About Global Accelerex
Global Accelerex is a Payment Terminal Service Provider licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). We work with Banks and Merchants to integrate POS terminal with business systems. Global Accelerex is a fintech company and are also into development of technology such as integration, app and general payment solutions
2. Does Global Accelerex Issue POS Terminals?
Yes, but request for POS must be chanelled through the bank. Kindly go through your bank and request for a Global Accelerex POS. We can also assist you to request from any bank of your choice.
3. Is your POS enabled for Cashback?
Yes,  but this feature can only be enabled on customer’s request through the bank.
4. Can the POS be used to make payment for utility bills?
Yes, POS can be used for utility bills payment once configured to customer’s nature of business. You can make this request.
5. Does the POS accept International cards for transaction?
Yes, our POS accepts International cards but it is currently disabled. It can be enabled based on request.
6. What is the warranty status of your POS?
The warranty status is based on agreed terms with the customer and POS life cycle is 5 years which we provide adquate maintenance and support.
7. Does your POS provide instant settlement?
Global Accelerex is the POS support company, your bank is in charge of all financial settlement, hence they would be able to assist with that information
8. What is the default password for your POS?
The default password is Zeros in six (6) places (000000)
9. What are the available terminal types and their feautures.
Presently we have G870, K370, G3, G2 and N5  Termianals. G870 Terminal offers ethernet, Wi-fi ,bluetooth and GPRS functions and can perform 500 transactions on one charge. G3 Terminal also has Wi-Fi,bluetooth and GPRS features while K370 and G2 Terminals are only GPRS enabled, N5 terminals is the latest android for select merchants
10. Where can I locate Terminal ID on the printout slip?
The Terminal ID can be found under the merchant business address in the printed slip/receipt. It is an 8 digit alphanumeric number
11. Does your POS do offline transcations?
The feature is currently not enabled on Global Accelerex terminals
12. Can GA provide Thermal Paper (Paper Roll) for my POS?
GA will assist in sending this request to your bank for immediate provision of the paper roll. Agents collects merchants data and forward request to the appropriate department for immediate resolution.