Global Accelerex is a top fintech firm which provides POS terminal services across Nigeria and Sub-saharan Africa.

K370 is a Handheld POS Terminal which can be easily carried around by a merchant or placed conveniently on a counter for card acceptance. The device offers a flexible list of communication options i.e. GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/Dial Up etc.
The optional configurations include 1D barcode scanner and a contactless card reader. It runs disconnected with a Long-lasting Rechargeable Li-battery. Record of transactions are provided via an Embedded high-speed thermal printer.
Status – Available Now!

Global Accelerex, the leading provider of payment terminal services in Nigeria


G3 is a Handheld POS Terminal specially designed for small or large merchant environments, where portability and function are important. The pocket-size device combines convenience and mobility, standing out with its ergonomics and functional design. The device offers Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as well as the standard flexible communication options i.e. GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/Dial Up etc.
Other options include contactless support, E-Signatures among others. It has a fast thermal printer and high resolution pixel color screen to make the transaction experience a breeze for both the consumer and merchant.
Status – Available Now!

Global Accelerex the leader in the electronic payment industry of Nigeria.

G870 is a Handheld POS Terminal for high-end merchant environments, where not only form and factor, but integration and inter-operability, are back office retail systems crucial for business operations. This device can perform over 500 retail transactions on one charge and offers a rich high resolution color display, which can be used for advert messages, while accepting touch screen user feedback.
The device offers Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as well as the normal standard a flexible communication options i.e. GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/Dial Up etc. Other options include Biometric Fingerprint support, Contactless Support, 1D & 2D Barcode and a Camera option.
Status – Available Now!

Global Accelerex best e-payment company in Nigeria.


G2 is a handheld POS Terminal which comes with several world-class certifications such as ISO 14443, EmvCo, Visa, Mastercard, Pci and UnionPay. It connects with either Wi-Fi or GPRS networks. With a battery power of 2600mAh, the device is able to stay on longer, thereby making more and more transactions. The CPU is 32 bit, and the RAM is 64 MB. It runs on a Linux Operating System. G2 is also customisable  with applications that suit your business operations.
Status: Available!

Global Accelerex Nexgo N5, Accelerex POS terminal


N5 is a Handheld Android-based POS Terminal, which supports tap-and-go functions, whereby the user taps the payment card on top of the terminal, and the transactions start processing. It is powered by Android 5.0 Operating System, and this ensures maximum security, efficient operations and most importantly – fast transactions. This terminal is used for recording and managing inventory, monitoring sales and keeping track of revenue. The N5 works on a 4G LTE network and also uses the Wi-Fi for smooth, uninterrupted transactions. With its 5200 mAh standby power, the battery lasts very long.

Status: Available now!