My Terminal is not charging/ Charging Port Failure
Port may be damaged
If damaged, terminal should be retrieved for repair.
My Terminal is displaying Blank Screen
The Terminal may have been malhandled
Terminal would be retrieved for repair
Clear Batch error
This takes place when the POS memory is full with transaction.
Customer is advised to visit the home page (main menu) on the terminal and select 8 for reprint before selecting option 3 to delete.(CSR should always confirm if the customer has done EOD before requesting to clear the memory)
Faulty Battery
This could be as a result of excessive charging.
Battery needs to be replaced
Faulty Charger
The charger could be over due
Battery needs to be replaced
Missing printer roller
The printer roller could be out of the paper compartment or damaged by the terminal falling down
Roller would be replaced
Faulty Printer
The printer could have been malhandled or Over due
Printer should be retrieved for repair
Faulty Keypad
It could have been exposed to water or malhandled
Keypad roller should be retrieved for repair
Faulty Terminal
Terminal could be over due and needs to be changed
Terminal needs to be replaced.
Paper Roll Replacement
Paper roll has been exhausted
Should be replaced with another paper roll.
Module Error
Terminal has been malhandled or Over due (Old)
Terminal should br retrieved for repair
Receipt not Printing Properly
Paper is not of good quality or not properly placed in the paper roll compartment.
Change the paper roll completely.
Sim Connectivity
The SIM may be out of data or currently having a downtime with possible errors such as ‘wave lost’, ‘create link timeout’ ‘linking’
Customer  should contact bank for SIM replacement.(Agent should escalate to Bank relationship officer to liaise with bank) or recharge the SIM card
Wave Lost
Network failure, inactive sim, network fluctuation from telco
Retry, do logon(key exchange), change si
Create Link Timeout
Connectivity issue, NIBSS downtime
Retry, change sim, call NIBSS or remove the battery and insert again.
Downtime from NIBSS, telco or wrong APN selection
Retry, contact NIBSS, change sim, correct APN
TMK Buffer Error
TID not properly setup with NIBSS
 contact NIBSS to enable TID on port
Wrong Placement of Paper Roll
The Merchant may have wrongly placed the paper roll in the compartment.
Customer is advised to strike paper roll with the tip of the nail. The part that displays a pencil like mark should be place outward.
Wrong Insertion of Card
Card may have been wrongly inserted by the customer
 Customer needs to insert Card ensuring that the chip is facing upward.
Terminal Enter Check-in
This occurs when the POS falls on the ground or when there is a forcefull attempt to open the terminal
Repair team to investigate and generate unlocking password
I cannot print End of Day (EOD) transaction
Customer has not been trained on how to generate this print out.
From home page (main menu), agent should tell customer to select option 8 for reprint and press option 2 to print EOD
Incorrect Amount Debit
The right amount for the transaction may have been wrong inputed by the customer.
Reconciliation should be done at the point of purchase.
Partial Amount Debit
The right amount was not debited from the customer’s account
Agent to escalate to the relationship officer immediately
Partial Approval
This happens when a particular sum is approved for a transaction but the printout is revealing a sum below actual sum transacted.
Agents takes down customer’s details and escalate to the appropriate department for resolution.
Transaction Decline on POS
Base on the response code, it coud either mean the TID has not been registered for card acceptance and so on….
Customer should be referred to his/her bank for resolution.
Why am I experiencing Transaction Reversal on my POS
The server of the Bank or issuer may be down.
Customer should be referred to his/her bank for resolution.
POS displaying malformed error
This is when customer TID is not yet registered on Global Accelerex group keys.
Kindly contact NIBSS to register terminal on GA’s group keys pointing to EPMS.
Why is my POS showing error 92 at the point of transaction
This is when the terminal ID attached to the POS has not been enabled for card acceptance/currently disabled by NIBSS for transcation
Call an Agent to escalate to the relationship officer to liaise with bank for resolution
why is my POS showing error 91
This means system malfunction which has to do with network of the bank
Call an Agent to seek advise if another card should be used for transcation
Routing Error
TID has been disabled
NIBSS to Enable TID for card acceptance