Bespoke Terminal Applications

At Global Accelerex, we are concerned with the development of tailor-made POS applications to suit how you do business.

Whatever organisation you are, we are here to make your payment collections easier. Be it religious, financial, retail, wholesale, government, agency networks, educational and health institutions, we are ready to make your payments seamless, towards creating a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Choose Global Accelerex and redefine how you do business.

Secure Platform

Security is very important, and we have implemented major security measures on our payment platform to give customers the confidence to continue patronage. EMVCo is a feature that has been implemented in our payment systems. EMVCo improves the authentication process and ensures that contact-less payment is fast and well secured.

Biometric security systems are also embedded in our products. The use of e-signatures are also there, to add extra-layer of security while a customer makes a payment.

Payment Terminal

We are a certified Payment Terminal Application Development company. We have been endorsed by regulators to render such services.

Integration Services

We work with banks, merchants and other players to integrate POS terminals with business systems.

Payment Terminal Service Provider

We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, as a Payment Terminal Service Provider.

Advisory Services

We offer more than systems, devices and solutions. We also provide strategic advisory services.

States We Cover
Banks we work with
Regions we cover
We are a market leader in providing Electronic Payment services in Nigeria, and across Sub-Saharan Africa. That is what we do 24/7 – 365. With the use of our POS terminals and payment gateways, we aim to make your e-payment processes faster than before.
We provide POS and ECR integration services to accelerate the process through which customers make electronic transactions at retail and wholesale outlets, health centres, restaurants and numerous other places have you.
We have a world-class Information Technology team , whose mindset is to solve business problems, through the innovation of new solutions and services, which facilitate faster and highly secure payments.
We are also concerned with improving how collections from public services are done. Through our POS terminals, customised applications, efficient reconciliation system, we take payment to a whole new level.

We care extra about you….

Everything we do at Global Accelerex is geared towards, providing a secure electronic payment platform for consumers across Nigeria, towards achieving the  Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) goal of promoting a cashless economy in Nigeria.
Our services are also geared towards making Nigeria a greater society – where every consumer and customer is financially included. Here, everybody is a partaker of various financial services across the 36 states and the FCT.
Our secure platforms promote financial transparency not just for our company, but  the consumers in the society at large. High-tech security checks are deployed across our products and services, to develop a sense of trust between you and us. Redefining how you do business is our business.