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We leverage our bespoke application development capability to provide e-payment solutions that work perfectly for Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

Our Solutions

Accelerex 2.0

This is a Point of Sale (PoS) terminal application provisioned on various Global Accelerex PoS terminal devices. It is certified and accredited by regulators and merchant acquirers for secure and reliable transactions. It comes in different customized versions:
— Accelerex 2.0 Church App
— Accelerex 2.0 Discount App
— Accelerex 2.0 Agency App

Accelerex POSPay

POSPay is a neutral integration solution for retail business systems. It is designed to integrate easily with Electronic Cash Register (ECR) of retailers, enabling transaction level cross-referencing and eliminating reconciliation limitations. The linkage between POSPay application and the retail system can be via wired USB connection or it can be wireless via internet connection.

Accelerex POSVAS

This service enables Global Accelerex PoS users (merchants, agents and business entities) access our instant PoS transaction notification service. They can either integrate this service to their backend system or request for an auto-mail delivery of all their transactions at a specified period.

Accelerex Android App

This PoS terminal android application runs on the Android PoS devices. This software works perfectly on Global Accelerex’s Nexgo N5, the first android PoS terminal to be certified for payment acceptance in Nigeria by regulators. The application is extremely flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of various businesses.

Payment Gateway Service (PGS)

Accelerex Payment/Processing Gateway service is a payment platform that manages collections and disbursement of funds leveraging on integration to different payment networks/products. The AccelerexPay is presently running on the products of the Nigeria key Payment Service providers: NIBSS and Interswitch. Some features on the platform include:

  • Bill Payment Services

  • Instant Payment Services

  • Bulk Payment Services

  • Web Payment Services

  • Mobile Payment Services

  • Recurrent Payment Services

  • International Card Remittances

  • Customer Verification and Validation Services

Accelerex USSD Payment Services

Accelerex USSD Payment Service enables initiation of payment transactions through a mobile phone or any other channel (PoS, Web, Mobile APP) and completion of the transaction over USSD channel (mobile phone). It can easily be integrated into a business entity’s enterprise system, website or serve as an alternative payment module on a PoS terminal.

Accelerex Identity Verification Service

Accelerex Identity Verification Service enables organizations and other interested parties verify the personal details or extract the basic details of an individual or business entity for KYC and due diligence purposes. The service is presently running on the BVN Verification Service of NIBSS

Revenue Collection Solution

Global Accelerex caters for corporate and government organizations’ payment collection needs. The system streamlines the payment process of different revenue-collecting organizations - taxes and levies for states, ministries, departments and agencies, and for payment for goods and services.

PoS Monitoring Tool

The PoS monitoring tool is a portal where merchant acquirers (banks) and merchants can review instant PoS transaction details and proactively monitor trends. It analyzes and tracks metrics of PoS terminal transactions, health status and other activities that ensure the terminals operability. The tool is presently running on NIBSS Active MQ Service.

Mobile Sales Automation Systems (MSAS)

MSAS is an enterprise business solution that allows FMCG companies and other similar retail products offering distribution organizations to process card transactions, record and track customers orders and/or to enroll and monitor their field marketing and sales operations contracted to third parties (e.g. sales agents). It is suitable for:

  • Enterprise Business Solution for FMCGs and other similar retail organizations

  • Recording and tracking customers’ orders

  • Inventory and order management

  • Sales management

  • Enrolling and monitoring of field marketing and sales operations contracted to third parties (e.g. sales agents, ambassadors)

PoS Sales, Application Customization and Maintenance

We are the company of choice when it comes to acquiring PoS terminals, customizing applications and maintaining PoS terminals for clients. Our vast experience in this area helps us deliver only guaranteed results to the delight of our customers. This is the reason we are the industry leader when it comes to servicing of commercial banks and merchants.

PoS Sales,
Application Customization
and Maintenance
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We are the first choice that clients consider when they need to acquire PoS terminals, customize applications and maintain their PoS terminals. Our vast experience in this area helps us to deliver only guaranteed results that our clients are very happy with. This is the reason why we are the industry leader when it comes to servicing of commercial banks and merchants.

Some of our special offerings include:

Sales of PoS terminals

Customization of application running on PoS devices to meet business needs

Repair of terminal devices

Terminal support services