Payment Terminal Application Development (PTAD)

We are a certified Payment Terminal Application Developer firm certified by regulators to render such services. Our POS terminal applications are configured on POS terminal devices. They are certified by regulators and merchant acquirers, for secure and reliable transactions. The POS software application is designed with a touch of flexibility, so that different business goals and needs are met.

Payment System Integration Services

We work with banks, merchants and other players on a project-basis, to integrate payment terminals with business systems. We understand the unique financial technology language of the industry, such as EMV and ISO8583, the complexities of compliance with local and international standards such as PCI and are able to bring domain industry knowledge, to get your system integration projects completed on time, on budget and according to scope. We have done integration with SAP Systems and other Core Business Systems. Our team of project managers and engineers are well versed and locally available to you and your staff.

Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP)

We are licensed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria as a Payment Terminal Service Provider, responsible for providing business operations and support services to all categories of merchants, and this is done on behalf of Merchant Acquirer Banks. These services include, but not limited to POS Terminal solution sales, provisioning, deployment, management and support functions to merchants.

Advisory Services

We offer more than systems, devices and solutions. We can provide you with strategic advisory services. Whether you are a merchant looking to improve your retail payment systems with devices or technology or a Merchant Acquirer thinking of the future of payment and banking, our senior strategy advisory team will be available to give your business the confidence, ensuring that you are heading to the right direction.

Agency Banking

A robust business platform that automates all relevant functional and non-functional requirements for the effective operation of an Agent Network that offers financial inclusion where presently absent by leveraging on stationed and mobile Agents that are in-person and is available to present and potential banked and unbanked customers.

Web Payment

Our payment gateway Solution enables online real-time payment via payment cards and direct payments from Bank accounts. The cards solution is an aggregation of existing card processing gateways from major card schemes while the Bank account payments is through the Internet Banking and OTP options. Here, we generate an Application Programme Interface (API) which is integrated into the client’s web platform.

Electronic Billing Platform

We offer a bill payment platform of aggregated billers that facilitate the payment of different bills, fees, levies, premiums and subscriptions and so on. These are made by the banking customers through our secure and ever-reliable electronic payment platform.

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