Accelerex POS (ACC-POS-APP)

Accelerex POS is our de facto POS Terminal Application Solution that process card transactions by connecting to merchant acquirers’ systems. Our POS Terminal Applications are provisioned on various POS terminal devices. It is certified and accredited by regulators and merchants acquirers to operate on, for secure and reliable transactions.

Mobile Sales Register (MSR-POS-APP)

This is a customized POS solution that includes the ability to record and track customer orders, itemize product and service portfolio and keep record of sales revenue. It also tracks the sales activities of the sales force across different territories.

Customized Applications (BS-POS-APP)

We have done it all for various merchants in the past. From custom business applications for State and Local Government Tax Collection to Integrated Solutions for Billing and Utility Payments, come in and have a conversation with us. We are likely to have it covered already. The following  customized applications exist today in different sectors:

  • IGR Tax and Statutory Collection for Government
  • Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Non-Profit – Church
  • Utility – Bill Payments
  • Telecoms – VTU Vending

Accelerex POSPay (POSPAY)

Enterprise merchants have a need for integrating acceptance devices into their retails systems. Introducing Accelerex POSPay ™ – an acceptance device neutral integration solution for retails business systems. Eliminate all your transaction reconciliation nightmares by adopting Accelerex POSPay for your business. Engineered from the ground up to work with Accelerex POS on any device or retail business systems, with transaction level cross referencing, transforming card transaction reconciliation it a delightful experience.

POS Portal Management System (PPMS)

Enterprise System for Merchant Acquirers to manage the backoffice operations from cradle to grave for POS Terminals business. From Merchant Requisitions and Approvals to Provisioning, Deployment, your business will have visibility of Turn Around Time (TAT), POS Terminal Inventory and Warranty, POS Terminal Asset Management, SIM Management etc. and find it easier to justify new investment by demonstrating asset optimization. Through an additional module, an Acquirer can provide on line real time for Merchants to get important data about their settled transactions. With our system, you can also schedule daily mails to your merchants to keep them up to date on settled transactions.

POS Monitoring Systems (POSMON)

Acquirers and their merchants cannot survive long if cardholders cannot engage in commercial activities, due to inactive POS terminals. The POS monitoring system tracks payment and generates business intelligence using metrics from:

  • Failed transactions
  • Successful transactions
  • Inactive terminals
  • Highest performing merchant
  • Failure rate per cards
  • Reasons for unsuccessful transaction
  • Fraud analytics
  • Value and volume of transactions per day/week/month